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, I can’t believe it’s over now, season 5 was too short , People who don’t sob at the end doesn’t belong in my World. Here, they don't, which makes sense because they don't exist. Fringe is a science fiction television series co-created by J. J. Abrams, Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci. It is a fixed point in time that cannot be changed because Walter had to be alive to help make the observers. I want to live in that universe. The only options are that Peter from this side got better, or that Peter from that side somehow crossed over another way at another time. In the new, altered timeline, Olivia Dunham is joined by FBI agent Lincoln Lee after the latter's partner is murdered. I mean yeah they always turned up at pretty important events but we mostly saw only September and only edged onto the topic at Peters/Septembers mind convo. However, I was very disappointed with what I consider to be a serious issue in the series finale. “I did this two weeks ago and ‘The_Donald’ turned up 5th on the search return. Peter's going to go home from the park, and his father, who he recently reconnected with, will be gone forever; with no understanding of where, why, or what horrors he prevented by vanishing. The Observer that saved him was already like his son (Michael), so he continued to exist. When he said it’s a beautiful name to Astrid I was done! First, the finale Scene where the observers don't invade is a writing circle, it's meant to show us that the plan worked and the observers never invaded. Walter and Young Peter fell through the ice. -WB, Press J to jump to the feed. In the new timeline, the Observer was not there to save them. But then, it cuts to a scene with Peter and Olivia together with their daughter. So good, right? The QAnon conspiracy theory started on 4chan, the bulletin board known for creating and spreading memes, but has moved to … I just finished my 5th+ rewatch and i will start it back up again as I still have questions!! I think it's incredibly interesting and well done. In a spiritual way, I'm guessing. Donald was September. He cried a few times and plenty of it was in season 4-5. My problem is that the scene should really be possible. This slightly different timeline worked a bit differently. MAJOR FRINGE SEASON 5 SPOILER!!!] FYI I always sob whenever I see Walter cry...because he is the best actor in the history of mankind. Walter had changed the way the Observers work. Kyle Stewart 5,604 views. "Neither Here nor There" is the fourth season premiere of the Fox science fiction drama television series Fringe. If they do, she’ll ask for and inspiration photo and gauge if the look they’re going for is realistic for their texture, face shape, and lifestyle. The blend of mystery and fringe sci-fi that stretches the limits of what is possible - it evokes wonder, awe and inspiration. Peter's will is strong, and Olivia's connection to him was stronger. According to one poll, 63% of American voters subscribe to at least one conspiracy theory. He was very romantic and perfect in Dawson’s Creek. He traveled back in time to see Walter, and was there to save him and Peter from the lake. -WB, Press J to jump to the feed. The Fringe finale experience was defined by paradoxes, intellectually and emotional. Need something else now preferably to fix my Joshua J addiction. While QAnon is particularly fringe, similar false beliefs are frighteningly wide-spread. I want to live in that universe. I hope that made sense, like I said I haven't rewatched the series in a while, but this is something that has bothered me since I watched the finale when it aired. Can we also focus on the fact this is in no way a happy ending? This subreddit is a joke. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. The Child Observer was September’s son, Michael. The Fringe Season 3 finale caused a mixture of emotions from fans. So when they travelled back in time, they were forever back in time, until they go forward again. Peter ceased to exist after using the Machine to merge the rooms in both universes because what he actually did was create a separate, slightly different timeline in which the rooms being merged was true, but the reason they merged was unknown. I know!! A confused man took to Reddit to ask users why his wife-to-be was so upset when he told her the reason why she wasn't allowed to wear a white wedding dress like she'd planned Medical, scientific, political or even your own theories on whatever. But the only reason Peter is here in this universe is because a) Walter went over to the other side and took him, and b) an observer saved them from the lake. Fringe End Credits Sequence - Duration: 0:57. We know where we're going, and we're certain that it's the end. The perpetrator of the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting was a user of the site Gab, … Of course he cries beautifully at the end but I don't think I saw tears before that. I came from being a fan admiring Joshua Jackson as his Pacey Witter Alter Ego in Dawson’s Creek he finished just a few years before Fringe. A version of the show (edited for time) premiered on the Nine Network in Australia on September 17, 2008. And i’d rather keep watching, not ask for the explanation... good excuse for the next rewatch! When the observers invade, they start a new timeline, which Walter erases by going into the future. To the original point; The only thing that makes sense, would be if when Walter goes to the future, he has the ability to tell the observers, and the scientists involved in creating the tech the observers use, how to proceed without destroying the timeline. So really Peter shouldn't be on this side at all. The blend of mystery and fringe sci-fi that stretches the limits of what is possible - it evokes wonder, awe and inspiration. Shit. If anybody has an explanation, I would be glad to hear it! Then all the events of the previous series' are made to occur by the new Observers except for the invasion. Once Robert Jones was finally killed to avoid his new species and shapeshifters to take over the world that went on for a good 3 seasons the observers where not in the picture long enough to become poignant villains for me. As it turns out, the promise of an "amazing" ending from series star John Noble may not be too far off. The one with the white tulip is a nice touch, right? That's a wrap on NBC's Grimm, which said its farewells and thanks to audiences in its series finale, "The End.". I think I enjoyed this ending better than any other show. The exposition used to catch viewers up on Olivia and Peter’s fallout between S4 and S5 was definitely a jolt, but the writers did a fantastic job weaving it in and wrapping up the show with only a half a season to work with. Unfortunately, the best way to describe the finale is incomplete.It is a cliffhanger in the purest sense of the word: there will be no resolution, and in many ways no satisfaction, until the promised fourth season.This is even more true now than it was last year - it is, in essence, only one half of a two-hour episode.. That said, what story and developments are there should thrill Fringe fans. There's also this little snippet that I just bumped into from the fringepedia (I agree with what you have written though): Shouldn't you be more worried about: With no invasion to prompt Walter to travel to the future, he wouldn't travel to the future (thus, there'd be an invasion). But Peter, as we know him, was still around. Fringe Jackson Enemy of Fate Episodic - H 2013 Fox's cult sci-fi drama wrapped up its five-season run with a two-hour event, culminating in an … I also could not believe it was over! All mixed with humor, camp, great music and based on a foundation of love & sacrifice.

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