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So what are you good with? Software Developer & Photographer Crashing other people's software and writing my own since '85 * * * I had a minor accident on Monday, Nov. 30! Note that even though SQL Server auto-parameterized the query (that’s the @1 part at the top), SQL Server chose a different execution plan. Developer tool wise, you need to design your app in such a way that anything that a user can do in the developer console is just a (feature) or a breaking thing. • Browse news, features, developer stories, and informative videos. 14 hours ago 922 Liked! It is now a valuable resource for people who want to make the most of their mobile devices, from customizing the look and feel to adding new functionality. Sorry! I also write, consult, invest, speak and more. I’m back from a week’s vacation in the mountains – having access to no digital devices is so refreshing! When put into Developer Mode, Windows allows you to more easily test apps you’re developing, use the Ubuntu Bash shell environment, change a variety of developer … This is regarding the editor/query builder. Of course, it’s a gallery of cores set in corsets (36 Photos) By: Brady. This means you can get great performance and correctness. This may seem a little counter intuitive, but your time will only be abused if you do everything quickly. Developer Advocate, software engineer, pythonista, & speaker. You can try to perform the steps below. ... Open the Edge Developer Tools using the "Ctrl + Shift + I" shortcut. Team emacs. The Windows Phone 8.1 developer preview bits, including a beta of its Cortana digital assistant, are available as of April 14. 26 Disliked 0 hotness. It's what the boss tells them to use. Here's what I found. View some of my projects. Slow down. Once you do, open a new tab and then press CTRL + SHIFT + I to open the developer tools window or click on the hamburger icon, then More tools and then Developer tools. 4+ million Oracle professionals use SQL Developer on a regular basis. I’m a software developer and entrepreneur with experience as a founder and organizational leader. I'm happy to tell you that this year we have a tool to solve this problem, called StateObject, and as Luca explained earlier, StateObject lets SwiftUI instantiate your ObservableObjects at the right time, so you don't incur unnecessary heap allocations, and you don't lose data. This implementation is about 5x faster than the baseline implementation, but there are more improvements to come. In fact, if there’s enough virtual memory activity, your system can slow to a crawl as all the software attempting to run causes memory to be swapped in and out repeatedly. I can post numbers as well if necessary. Welcome to my resource page for Oracle SQL Developer.Instead of asking you to dig through almost 500 archive posts, I have curated a collection to help get you started.. SQL Developer is the IDE for the Oracle database. Go ahead and install Chrome if you don’t already have it installed on your system. - nnja. The Edge browser is not to blame for a slow YouTube experience, and you can easily fix the problem. 5,714 Likes, 45 Comments - Beauty Launchpad (@beautylaunchpad) on Instagram: “Bends and Blends @justhairobsession says: “I paint 95% of the time with 20volume BlackLight…” The i’m falls into the rapidly expanding crevice of devices called smartwatches. I.e. As fast as they are, hard disks — even SSDs — are slow compared to RAM. My internet connection speed is >20Mbps (I can normally download files from microsoft.com with full 20Mbps) Every developer but 1 I ever met uses Windows exclusively. I'm using Windows 10 Pro and have a big problem with extremely slow download of updates. So even with beta 7 I think there will … This time, the actual plan shows that SQL Server expected 3mm rows to come back – so here, it makes more sense to do a clustered index scan rather than first make a list of the users that match, then do 3mm key lookups to get the SELECT * part. You can either try to change your career completely or you can stay in tech and leverage on you knowledge of the software development process. The i’m Watch is a device that looks like a cross between an iPod Nano and a high-end digital watch. Hi I’m a software developer at MeteoSwiss, where we are currently in the process of moving our numerical weather model from Cray to PGI compiler. I was wondering if anyone knew why texture baking in Cycles is so phenomenally slow? Developer Advocate, software engineer, pythonista, & speaker. Tried to find a solution searching in the forum and google but didn't quite find it. Say they override the script and try to send bad data to the api calls. I'm stoked that it *is* a really viable option - heck, it has been for ages - and I fully expect within a few years, it will absolutely be a premium choice. I'm a busy bee and may be slow to respond. Default editor behavior places your bottom line of code at the bottom of the editor window. At this point I’m fairly happy with the performance of a single iteration: the majority of the computation is in the GEMMs, and they’re exposing as much parallelism as they can. Let us work together to sort this out. ‎Welcome to Apple Developer, your source for developer stories, news, and educational information — and the best place to experience WWDC. Feel like I'm being taken on a ride or hired an incredible slow web developer Hello all, I was building my own blog on wordpress, got fairly far, but decided to hire a web developer to take over. I’m so glad assisting you today I am also Windows 10 user. We were having a few performance problems, though most are solved now. That means these disk accesses take time — sometimes noticeable time. I’m having problems with code slowing down the longer a program runs. Follow. Simulate Slow Connection using Chrome. A local developer and the Greater Victoria Coalition to End Homelessness are joining forces to raise $500,000 to convert 30 shipping containers into a temporary “tiny homes” village. I can’t really help with the former. I've been using WP 8.1 for over a week. My name is Rhaine, I'm Independent Community Volunteer. I’m working on the intersections of journalism, technology and civic engagement. Ended up in the ER, but am back home now. Dad memes even funnier than the “Hi hungry, I’m dad” joke (32 Photos) By: Elizabeth. Learn more about me, or work with me. Skip to content. I'm also experiencing this after an upgrade to WSL2, only slow performance under /mnt, not /, slower than WSL1. Block or report user Block or report nnja. say they fill out all the fields with a js snippet, doesn't matter, that's valid input. I'm pretty sure that I've used Named Pipes in the past and didn't see this type of slow connection times, but I've verified this on several machines so it's not just a fluke with my new dev box. The other day I read What I Wish I Knew When I Started My Career as a Software Developer, an article in Lifehacker adapted from a Quora answer by Michael O. Church.I haven't stopped thinking about it since. We’re still working on optimizing the planet code; until this is done we won’t have the best possible framerates in 850. This is a problem because I need this program to run for a long time, Hundreds of thousands of iterations if not millions of iterations. xda-developers Nexus 6 Nexus 6 Q&A, Help & Troubleshooting [Q] i'm really tired about the slow motion by BertoAZ XDA Developers was founded by developers, for developers. Become a Full-Stack Developer: How I Did It Full-stack developers build software and have a firm grip on front-end and back-end services. I'm new to AWS, and I'm having a bit of trouble. ... and tagging and symbol building is slow and limited in scope. I'm using S3 to upload and play videos in a web application. I'm okay, just a bit slow, and may not respond to your questions as promptly as I'd like to. From there, go into Developer Options and tap the Running services tab. I accept that this might be a technical limitation relating to how baking works, but I’m interested to understand for my own education… I'm only a student (still) but that's pretty normal (from my internship experience). • Stay up to date on the latest technical and community information.

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