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At the same time, we recognize that in some regions of the world, additional measures may be necessary. To further enhance our commitment to transparency, PepsiCo is providing the below information on palm oil, cane sugar and soy, three commodities used in our products: Palm Oil Ferries employees will follow the policies and procedures in the Ferries Safety Management System. We are also committed to implementing similar audit programs for our sugar supply chain in Thailand, our palm oil supply chain in Mexico and our coconut water supply chain in the Philippines by the end of 2016, or sooner if deemed possible. In 2012, we strengthened our Advertising to Children Policy to define advertising to children to mean that we will not buy advertising in programs with an audience profile greater than 35 percent of children under 12 years of age. PepsiCo India today announced the manufacturing of Doritos- the world’s No.1 nacho chip brand* in India. United States - English . This wide variety of products includes, bottled waters, juices, sports drinks and no- or low-calorie carbonated soft drinks, juice-flavored drinks and iced teas. The Policy applies to all our operations. PepsiCo's Sustainable Packaging Policy outlines our commitment to strive for the smallest possible environmental footprint while still meeting the value, cost and performance criteria expected from consumers and customers. At PepsiCo, we recognize HIV/AIDS as a uniquely challenging global health issue that poses a significant threat to the sustainability of our business operations worldwide. Rapport RSE. Chez PepsiCo France, nous avons à cœur de créer un environnement de travail inclusif où chaque personne se sent valorisée et reconnue pour ce qu’elle est. View PepsiCo EEO Policy Please view our Pay Transparency Statement. Our Global Code of Conduct. See all of our policies. The assessments will include impacts related to land rights and will be conducted with the participation of affected communities. Avec des marques comme Pepsi, Tropicana, Lipton Ice Tea, 7up, Lay's, Bénénuts ou … Further research may identify additional HCS areas, and we will review this policy on a periodic basis to determine if other classifications should be added. Below is a summary of our policies, programs and actions designed to keep our products safe and meeting high quality standards. It is important for our consumers to know that this technology is not new. Our products will provide on the side or back of our packaging nutrition information on the amount of energy (as calories, kilocalories or kilojoules), protein, carbohydrate, total sugars, total fat, saturated fat and sodium per 100g/ml or per serving. In fact, GM technology helps reduce the price of crops used for food, such as corn, soybeans and sugar beets by as much as 15-30%.2 In addition, one in eight people among the world's growing population of seven billion do not have enough to eat, and safe and effective methods of food production, like crops produced through GM technology, can help us feed the hungry and malnourished in developing nations around the world. 6. PepsiCo Statement on Use of Genetically Modified Ingredients in the U.S. ID req : 212826BR. . While PepsiCo expects to abide by the policies and procedures described in this policy, the policy does not imply, and should not be construed to constitute, a contract or contain a contractual commitment, nor does this policy contain any enforceable promises of any kind or a promise of continued employment for any duration. The Policy outlines PepsiCo’s aspirations, principles, and goal setting approach in regards to sustainable agriculture as well as the broad environmental, economic, and social objectives within our agricultural supply chain. PepsiCo and its different departments and subsidiaries are operating in three kinds of business segments namely: worldwide Snacks, Worldwide Beverages and Quaker Foods North America (QFNA). While PepsiCo expects to abide by the policies and procedures described in this policy, the policy does not imply, and should not be construed to constitute, a contract or contain a contractual commitment, nor does this policy contain any enforceable promises of any kind or a promise of continued employment for any duration. In addition, our scientific and regulatory specialists track emerging trends and current scientific reports on issues which are critical to maintaining our high standards in food safety and compliance. PepsiCo has long been committed to transparency on the issue of forestry and has participated in the CDP’s Forest Program since its inception. VI . Thus, PepsiCo’s policies and approaches effectively address the main issues and concerns linked to the 10 strategic decisions of operations management. We are committed to making a significant contribution to the fight against this devastating pandemic and to assisting associates and their family members affected by it. En savoir plus . Our Global Code of Conduct - Doing Business the Right Way. PepsiCo Global Human Rights Statement June 2017 This statement outlines our approach to respecting human rights in our direct operations and relationships with our business partners. Schools decide which beverages are available, and where and when they are sold. PepsiCo has a responsibility to ensure that we and our suppliers operate in accordance with applicable legal requirements and practice responsible forestry stewardship. Underpinning all of our policies, PepsiCo recognizes the importance of maintaining and promoting fundamental human rights in all of our operations and throughout our supply chain. For more information, we encourage you to visit All of our policies, unless otherwise noted, apply to our entire supply chain. It is our aim through this PEPSICO UNITED STATES PRIVACY POLICY (“Policy”) to explain what information we collect about you and why we collect that information. PepsiCo is dedicated to producing the safest, highest-quality and best-tasting beverages and foods in every part of the world. We are a leading global food and beverage company with brands that are respected household names throughout the world. These standards apply to all stages of our upstream value chain and are meant to be complemented, as appropriate, by additional guidelines, specifications, and practical tools at the local or regional level, while respecting and complying with national laws and regulations. As discussed in more detail below, there are five environmental policies and commitments related to responsible sourcing. Découvrir maintenant . In 2013, PepsiCo purchased approximately 0.06% of the global supply of soy. PepsiCo purchased approximately 0.5% of the global supply of cane sugar in 2013. The policies outline our standards for establishing processes and performing assessments, as well as systems to help ensure compliance. PepsiCo is committed to helping consumers make informed choices through fact-based, simple and easy-to-understand information about how the key nutrients in each product fit in a balanced and healthy diet. In fact, it has been around for the past 20 years, and today, 70-80% of the foods we eat in the United States, both at home and away from home, contain ingredients that have been genetically modified.1 If the ingredient label on any food or beverage product contains corn or soy, it most likely contains genetically modified ingredients, as a very high percentage of those crops grown in the U.S. use GM technology. Postuler. The scope covers the design, manufacture and distribution of beverage and food products. By … The policies reference global standards and provide PepsiCo suppliers with our requirements. In this way PepsiCo will impact and educate its direct farmer-suppliers on this important issue, evaluating the results to ultimately ensure reflection of the PepsiCo policy. Req ID: 213091BR. Our programs and procedures apply to all current and future divisions in PepsiCo. PepsiCo Statement on Use of Genetically Modified Ingredients in the U.S. PepsiCo's Nutrition Criteria for Advertising to Children (PDF, 267KB), PepsiCo's Policy on Responsible Marketing & Advertising to Children (PDF, 225KB), PepsiCo's Global Policy on the Sale of Beverages to Schools (PDF, 25KB), PepsiCo Beverages North America School Beverage Policy (PDF, 49KB), Learn more about PepsiCo's school beverage guidelines, PepsiCo's Sustainability Agriculture Policy, PepsiCo Environmental Compliance, Health and Safety Policy, PepsiCo Response to California Transparency in Supply Chains Act (SB 657). We also want to make sure you understand how we use and share your information and the choices available to you. PepsiCo can have a long term positive impact by helping suppliers in this way. Policies. By doing so, we can help parents and educators teach children healthy habits — in the calories they consume and the calories they burn.

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