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for all those cases there is the windows rule frameork and there is nothing wrong about sharing those rules over collaboration services. For example under Windows some web browser plugins always disable compositing (QuickTime and QuakeLive come to mind). This post will help you fix VM no internet access in Hyper-V Windows 10 64-bit after creating a virtual machine with Hyper-V/ PowerShell. Just a short note on compositing and battery usage: I have a shitty NVIDIA GPU in my laptop that stays at it’s highest power use when compositing is on but can go to 2D mode when compositing is off. You seem to be suggesting people just shouldn’t change virtual desktop when their system is under heavy load or low on batteries, which seems to be a major loss of functionality. Your reply was spot on for that particular case So can’t we just leave opengl compositing on and forget it? But it is not our fault if users want to run the latest software on old hardware. This way everyone is happy, even if drivers are the best in the world and the software workd good everywhere, there will be people that will prefer a few less fps for being able to press alt tab to the desktop from a game and have a compositing desktop to chat with game companions for example. Listen to Popos Ferdin | SoundCloud is an audio platform that lets you listen to what you love and share the sounds you create.. 3 Followers. It will just not be needed any more. Now KWin supports the solution for this: suspending of compositing. You say that the average user should not be aware that there is such a thing as compositing and I agree with that, but I wonder: how is that realizable when (1) compositing from time to time gets so slow that it gets disabled (and the user experience is: “suddenly the desktop looks so different and why does all of a sudden ‘present windows’ not work anymore? Hi, Just recently while I've been making emails in outlook I'll get some grey text that appears in front of the characters I've actually typed out and there is a little tab key icon at the end of the greyed text that completes the sentence with the greyed out suggested text included if I press tab. Just like … We only need changes for games which are demanding on GPU – let’s call it the FarCry category. An Operating System by System76. Select the Compatibility tab and check Disable desktop composition, then click on OK. Enable or Disable Sentence Auto-Completion in Outlook The sentence auto-complete feature for Microsoft Outlook for the Web attempts to predict what you are writing when composing an email. a) you can not only OVER- but also UNDERclock your GPU Fantastic work! Therefore we need a bettter system. How is that possible, you might ask? The rules however allow you to downforce the flag and ideally there will be a way to configure the blocking related to fullscreen windows (ie. I've just come from the thread below, where the OP had an issue with the brush tool producing broken lines, and he found that Legacy Compositing fixed it. Compositing for a track on the timeline has been available for some time by clicking the C button in the track header. I personally doubt that turning compositing off will save battery, but will cause a further drain. Another example are fullscreen applications. Shift Switch I think that the change in functionality (switching from shift to classic) is more a problem to the usability than some five seconds on battery. Assign it a … Plasma on the other hand just needs to switch the rendering of SVGs (which is part of the style) and will lose some functionality, such as thumbnails in taskbar tooltips, Present Windows effect or Desktop Grid. Martin, big respect for you staying so calm – I really feel sorry for what some people state here… And believe me, many many people (including me) really apreciate what you and others are doing! kde/linux sux…”)? Stop talking like a dope and please answer the right questions. Log in. It is so simple to install Discord on PopOS and this tutorial covers the ground on the same process. Working GPU-decoding of videos is another corner case, sadly. Picture attached. I wrote it originally to switch compositing on and off in order to test conky's transparency under KDE. That is the same code is executed whether the effect is activated or not. I think you need this knowledge to really understand what is going on and what makes sense. Consider darkening of non-focused windows: it is just modifying the rendering of the window. Compositing offers two main benefits. The second part Thomas has been working on is allowing applications to block compositing. I've done this using both gsettings from the command line as well as the dconf gui editor. to 2: nothing we can do about If done correctly, you should see a boot device selection menu, like one of the following images. You should search; I am not going to do it for you. Martin Graesslin has been proving his uselessness and stupidity for too much time. So I would expect that web browsers would routinely need to set the property since it would routinely need to display HD video. There are 2 I really like about your work: If GPU decoding and compositing clash, act according to a pre-set rule of either disabling compositing or or switch from GPU decoding to CPU decoding. In the left panel, first expand the User configuration option, next expand the Administrative Templates option and then expand the Windows Components. I had a ton of lag until I disabled compositing. Since last year when i bought new pc i never used kde without compositing, altough the option to disable it manually should always be here, sometimes when you update drivers compositing can crash your xserver because of buggy driver update and without having option to disable it, that would be impossible to investigate the problem. Linux kernel 2.6.37, actual x.org and intel driver. There is a new version (0.4.1) available on Itch and IndieDB.As soon as some of you report that the bug is indeed fixed, I will upload it to Steam (UPDATE: already uploaded).. To go back to the first level of the game, just press [ESC] -> "Load" and choose chapter "1. Recommended Answer Recommended Answers (2) … Not so legacy system, but with compositing it is unacceptably slow. What about the option discussed recently to turn off desktop effects while leaving compositing on? As i am running the fullscreen most of the time it reduces to: no compositing at all. Then, click on the Start option and finally click on Apply and OK to save the changes. System 76 announced Pop!_OS after Canonical decided to stop development of Unity 8. Blocking compositing for “normal” clients which are esp. They sell gaming computers and do few tweak that improve Gnome experience and GPU drivers : PopOs ! Flash finally got support for hardware-accelerated video on Linux and HD HTML5 video is becoming more and more popular. PopOS is based on Ubuntu, and the last time I checked, 18.04. What happens if you remove the Wine category? But yes, if we add a new standard we need to implement it in each and every application. When you say that there may be a increase in power consumption with composite turned off, what support do you have for that? Nothing horrible, but some of the users would rather prefer no effects at all rather than having them choppy. Once all the textures are populated, rendering the contents of a page is simply a matter of doing a depth first traversal of the layer hierarchy and issuing a GL command to draw a texture for each layer into the frame buffer. That’s >25% shorter runtime on battery + the shitty NVIDIA GPU gets very hot so that I wouldn’t be able to keep the laptop on top of my lap…. My biggest concern towards GNOME Shell has been from the beginning that it requires OpenGL (I talked about that part with Owen Taylor at GCDS). Imagine a user notification would pop up. If so, is it possible for kwin to take remote XDMCP sessions into account, and switch compositing off when run over XDMCP? and i really appreciate the time you have taken to reply to all the other legitimate This means the screen is no longer composited, but the resources, that is the OpenGL context and the effect system is still running. Watching HD video in a web browser is pretty common nowadays. As you can see we are using the nvidia-xconfig like we used to enable SLI, same core but it will react with the XGL server to enable it. While Compiz nowadays supports non-OpenGL I do not know how good this is and whether Unity supports it. If you disable effects it will just suspend them and the effect system will be in suspended state after a restart. to 3: normal users don’t use remote desktops. I migrated from Manjaro and Arch to PopOs because : Debian/Ubuntu familly have the largest package repository. Section "Extensions" Option "Composite" "Disable" EndSection If you run into any problems, just hit CTRL ALT F3 to switch to a different tty login, run the command to edit the file again and put a # in front of the options that are giving you trouble, Most likely the last one Works. 2-Add “Allow applications to disable compositing” in settings, and enable it by default. X also has font drawing APIs. So yes there is a high level API and that’s why I want to get it to NETWM to have it cross-desktop. Thank you, I will figure it out! Why is there an option of compatibility if there is no way to disable the compatibility popup? I may be missing something, but why are having compositing on and playing an HD video incompatible? Why? Use popos and their NVIDIA image if you have an NVIDIA card. I read that w3m have problem with terminals with transparency settings, so first I put opacity to 1 on the transparency settings, and the image is draw a little better but with ugly noise. For games there is only one proper solution: turn off compositing. I updated my fedora 29 to fedora 32 recently, It seems I have problem with my laptop waking up from sleep/suspend. In the Performance tab, select click on the Open Resource Monitor option. Anyways, I have tried all tweaks related to regedit, services.msc and gpedit.msc. Follow their code on GitHub. Currently the fallback is also GNOME Panel, in future maybe Unity2D? 3. We recently released version 14.09 with new compositing features. Are there plans to disable compositing in full-screen mode in future releases of Weston? To create a new Fleet, start by tapping your profile image and: Tap the Fleet compose icon.. Compose your message (it can be comprised of text, photos, a GIF, or video). Create a new Fleet. Thank you. To the KDE project core staff: get a better developer for KWin, please. Turning it off, will have no impact. System 76 was one of those groups of people who had high hopes for Unity 8 and the future convergence had to offer. I don’t think that watching Full-HD videos is a corner case any more and I don’t think it is acceptable for the average user to know that there is compositing it all. After two years, i wanted something simple with slow update. The basic working with the system remains the same. The svg rendering on theme changing (including parsing the xml, do the svg rendering, pixmap allocation, caching & a relayout before the complete edsktop update) /is/ expensive (on the CPU and then the GPU), so turning off compositing “to save some more minutes of battery” is pretty much the worst thing one could do , 2. Product documentation including reference and guides for Unreal Engine 4 And please add the option to disable this automatic trigger, as well. likely takes more than the inability to configure your GPU. I chose Gnome 3 over KDE Without server side backbuffering, everytime a region of a client becomes unobscured (you moveresize another client on top) it’s called to repaint itself for that region. hi recently i've installed kubuntu i have a ati hd compositing is marked as temporarily disabled in desktop effects on every login clicking on quot resume compositing quot brings up I think that this has to do with compositing. and an easy way to enable/disable compositing at will, ignoring application wishes, will always be needed. It would be great if anyone can help, I am wasting time rebooting everyday. For them it’s just “KDE/Linux is slow”. Disabled Features: gpu_compositing; Accelerated video decode has been disabled, either via blacklist, about:flags or the command line. Steps To Disable Desktop Composition. Use the arrow keys to select the USB drive, then press Enter to boot the selection.. On my old pc that was the case – radeon 9600 pro didnt made all of the animations smooth, so at some points i needed to disable it just to make desktop snappier. When composite is on, I have at least 60 wakeups/second coming from the driver (measured with powertop) on idle and an increased estimate of power consumption. On the other hand a web browser would not block compositing as that is not what the user wants. any interested developer would certainly be more then welcome. This is an open discussion, and I think people should be allowed to disable and enable compositing whenever they feel like it, tough this can be perfectly made, just adding an additional rule to powerdevil profile that makes a call to that api function (The default should be not disable, but powerdevil can give the option). > > It's possible to end up with a configuration on X11 that disables the > texture mapper if OpenGL isn't found. For a change, let’s use the default cube. First, if buggy drivers slow down desktop when compositing is enabled and the user will want to disable it, he couldnt do that easily, and he will have a laggy desktop environment. Nothing happens no matter which key I press. How to Disable Predictive Text Feature When Composing Emails in Microsoft Outlook Mail? Additionally i think that this is the wrong aproach to do something that forces every game to change their code. Also, if later you have tried this system and you find that you want to always enable or always disable compositing, you can always file a request or patch kwin — It’s probably a one-liner to ignore app requests. I agree with all the proposed changes (thank you for implementing this and for continuously improving kwin!!!) How about dual monitor setups with that aproach? That’s one of the reasons why I implemented GLES support which I hope to get as our default engine, soon. Sometimes (luckily not often) it happens that compositing becomes so slow that it disables itself and then I am happy to enable it again in the systemsettings (I forget the keyboard shortcut, so I go to systemsettings to reenable compositing) after which compositing runs fluently again. This command will disable compositing in the kwinrc config file: Code: Select all kwriteconfig --file kwinrc --group Compositing --key Enabled false Then restart kwin (in Alt+F2) with: Code: Select all kwin --replace To get compositing back, just substitute false with true and restart kwin again. First of all he removed the difference between disabled effects and suspended effects. This new Microsoft Edge runs on the sa doesn't have os prober, so your other distros on a legacy bios won't be available until you either install os prober or you install another distro on another partition, like Linux Mint 20, to correct the situation. The applications will take care of providing the right user experience to the users. Basically yes, but in practise no. Go to Settings > Window Manager Tweaks > Compositor > Uncheck "Enable display compositing" Why this worked for me? ; 2 Allowing the IP address to connect to the MYSQL server; 3 Adding Wilcard IPs to MySQL Server; 4 Common errors while setting up Remote MySQL database connections. I have found two specific issues: When a full-screen window is open and you switch to an empty workspace, the full-screen window is displayed on that workspace. I have a dream: a dream of an always composited desktop. A compositing window manager, or compositor, is a window manager that provides applications with an off-screen buffer for each window. i3 is a tiling window manager, completely written from scratch.The target platforms are GNU/Linux and BSD operating systems, our code is Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) under the BSD license.

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