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We use services from Facebook, Google Doubleclick and Google Ads (Marketing) to display advertisements tailored to your interests. It remains soft and pliable and never hardens. Learn how to sculpt using modeling clay and building simple geometric forms. EZ Shape is an easy-to-use, wax-based modeling clay that never dries out. Thanks to the pure pigments of our True Colours, you can use the FIMO colour mixing system to blend a variety of new shades. In the FIMO professional doll art series, we also offer modelling clay that has been specifically designed for professional doll-making applications. These kits feature vibrantly colored, soft, non-staining dough that’s perfect for young artists. Has neutral, non-offensive odor. Add to cart . Add to basket . The perfect modeling material for professionals, artists, and those who create multiples of the same design, Fimo Professional is compatible with Fimo Soft and Fimo Effect … EasySculpt® Epoxy Clay Features: Tough & durable, stronger than fired clays; Chemical & heat resistant, waterproof; Can be sanded, drilled and shaped when cured; Cured pieces can be painted or finished with most paints and finishes 100% buyer satisfaction. Each kit features vibrantly colored Toki Dough, a smooth, flexible, and stretchable modeling compound that molds impeccably and is super easy to clean up. Gluten-free. Jovi Plastilina is a pliable, non-hardening modeling clay that is excellent for young artists and small hands. Relevant Play Toki Dough Bento Boxes are inspired by Kawaii design, a global trend that translates to "cute” in Japanese. Known for its smooth consistency and brilliant colors, Claytoon Modeling Clay is preferred by sculptors, modelmakers, animators, and artists of all ages. Great for sculpting, bonding, embellishing, ... Jolly King Plasteline offers the finest quality in an economical plasteline. This kit includes Mad Mattr to squish, shape, and mold for a fun, sensory experience. EasySculpt® Self-Hardening Epoxy Modeling Clay is a professional grade sculpting clay which cures without firing. Add to Cart. FIMO professional is therefore particularly suitable for: However, in addition to its excellent dimensional stability, the product is also extremely pliable. These kits feature vibrantly colored, soft, non-staining dough that’s per... A new way to use clay! Compatible with platinum silicone molding compounds. Adding to your basket. FIMO Professional 85 Gramm Modeling Clay All Colors Selectable 8004-100 Yellow - 4007817800102. Each kit features vibrantly ... EZ Shape is an easy-to-use, wax-based modeling clay that never dries out. Last one available. Its unique, non-toxic formula is wheat, gluten, and casein free. Fimo Fimo Gloss Varnish. £3.90. A smooth, non-hardening clay, Amaco Artone Venus Modeling Clay is firmer than plastiline or waterbased clays. This sulfur-free, professional oil/wax-based sculpting medium can be reused and remelted indefinitely. Oven-hardening modelling clay; For professionals, artists and advanced users; Firm … $10.95. Create itty bitty treats with Fashion Angels Extra Small Mini Clay Kits. This oven-hardening modelling clay is pliable and dimensionally stable, making it an ideal choice for professionals, artists and more. For the purpose of optimisation, data is collected anonymously by a third-party provider (Google Analytics) and made available as a statistical overview (statistics). Home-made modelling clay is also a great craft idea for kids. Perfect for solo creative play or as a group activity, these kits include everything you need to create detailed food with air-dry clay and to set a scene for the meal. Can be decorated or varnished when dry. FIMO professional is ideally suited to jewellery making, for example. Non-toxic. $27.99$27.99. 5 out of 5 stars (2) 2 product ratings - FIMO 85g Professional Polymer Modelling OVEN BAKE CLAY, 30 COLOURS INC DOLL ART. Same day shipping. Starting in 1997, we very quickly became a leader in modeling clays and other modeling masses. The FIMO range from STAEDTLER also includes mixed colour packs for blending. FIMO professional is an oven-hardening modelling clay. Will never harden. The certification programs in Professional Automotive Modeling prepare you for employment as a 3D modeler in transportation and product design industries. Click for all information about the second lockdown. Oil-based, non-hardening modeling compound is permanently pliable. Critter Clay is a very safe, 1-part water-based modeling clay that is moist, ready and easy to use right out of the package. Each 1 lb package contains 4 individually wrapped .25 lb clay sticks. Available in three intermixable hardness grades. As the product has a much firmer consistency compared to  FIMO soft or  FIMO kids, skilled FIMO designers will also benefit from the advantage of being able to create intricate items and sculptures that are dimensionally stable. The Fimo Professional Modelling range has been developed with the professional or more advanced artist in mind but its ease of use and versatility makes it suitable even for the amateur or beginner. 1.1lb. Add some magic to creative play time with Mad Mattr Unicorn Sparkle Mattr. Suitable for fine arts, animation films, furniture or jewelry design, restoration, etc. 4.5 lb tubs. $16.95. Shop Fimo Professional modeling clay 8041 online at Modulor. Includes instructions and an airtight container. Suitable for all ages and all techniques. Our high-quality modelling tools also help you bring your creative FIMO projects to life. Never hardens and its consistency improves with age. $5.95. The tools are either maade in Giko wood or Aluminum coated with a special oxide layer thaat resist erosion due to moisture. Medium consistency, smooth-working. Sargent Art Professional Sculpting Clay is a versatile, oil-based modeling compound that is firm and dense, ideal for mold-making, prototyping, and other sculpting techniques that require the material to retain as many intricate details as possible.

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