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The word witchcraft is formed using two words: with and craft. Why, yes, you’re reading the words of one. Calling someone a witch or wizard hasn’t always been a very nice thing to do. This was one of the biggest and well recorded witch trials that took place in England. If you make a purchase using the links included, we may earn commission. They may seem like contradictions, but there is much to glean from their interplay. In other words, the fact and the fiction of the witch are inextricably linked. Rumors abounded about their drug use, sexual immorality, corruption of young people and dark, occult practices. I Know Because I Am One. No matter what form she takes, she remains an electric source of magical agitation that we can all plug into whenever we need a high-voltage charge. Only a handful of witches were ever burnt on stakes in real life. The original Christian view of witchcraft in the Middle Ages was that it wasn’t real and could do no serious harm because it didn’t exist. A scarlet-lipped seductress slipping a potion into the drink of her unsuspecting paramour. She might show up in the form of your Wiccan coworker, or the beloved musician who gives off a sorceress vibe in videos or onstage. They are change agents whose primary purpose is to transform the world as it is into the world they would like it to be. In many cultures, practising magic was looked down on or thought to be evil. A woman in tune with the earth and her soul. Instead, when confronted with those who have given themselves to evil, I recommend skipping meals on Fridays, praying a few extra Rosaries, and invoking the holy angels -- especially St. Michael. Witches will most likely be living in some sort of earth made structure if not a regular home. National Catholic Register (November 2-8, 2008). But whether or not there were actually women and men who practiced witchcraft in Rome or Lancashire or Salem, say, is less interesting to me than the fact that the idea of witches has remained so evocative and influential and so, well, bewitching in the first place. Please attempt to sign up again. Whether they're more on the low-key side, dabbling in the occasional ironic crystal tilt, or they're out and proud about being in touch with their mystic side, these stars have publicly spoken about their connection and commitment to the occult, and the wonderful witchy things that come with it. As a young priest involved in the Christian youth work in the town, I came across several young people who had been involved with the coven of witches. She wears scarves and leather and lace. They have agency. The second is an act of reclamation, an expression of autonomy and pride. They’re filling up movie theaters to watch witchy films, and gathering in back rooms and backyards to do rituals, consult tarot cards and set life-altering intentions. The Bible expressly condemns all forms of witchcraft. Self identification as a witch, by the way, is the only way to be one. It might be right to confront them and show them what is wrong with their beliefs and practices, but that will probably not do much good. According to witch-hunters during the height of the witch trials, the witches' mark or devil's mark indicated that an individual was a witch. Is "Samantha," a pretty middle-class suburban wife with magical powers and a gaggle of kooky and spooky family members, a witch? From the forthcoming book Waking the Witch: Reflections on Women, Magic, and Power by Pam Grossman to be published by Gallery Books, an Imprint of Simon & Schuster, Inc. I’m not unique in this trajectory of pivoting away from organized religion and toward something more personal: as of September 2017, more than a quarter of U.S. adults — 27% — now say that they think of themselves as spiritual but not religious, according to Pew Research Center. The early Christians understood quite clearly that the pagan gods and goddesses were demons. While the witch often conjures depictions of aging, ugly, hook-nosed women hunched over their cauldrons and inflicting toil and trouble on the masses, history tells us that the witch’s origins are far less sinister. Of course it is. The modern Wicca religion is descended from another British witch, Gerald Gardener, who, in the 1950s, synthesized various strands of ancient paganism into a new mish-mash kind of paganism. What Is a Real Witch? This is about real witches. They’re marching in the streets with HEX THE PATRIARCHY placards and casting spells each month to try to constrain the commander-in-chief. In this trial the Pendle Witches who lived around the Pendle Hill area in the Lancashire … This is not a fairy tale. I learned that women could lead a revolution while wearing lipstick and combat boots — and sometimes even a cloak. I get asked such things over and over, and you would think that after a lifetime of studying and writing about witches, as well as hosting a witch-themed podcast and being a practitioner of witchcraft myself, my answers would be succinct. It can be separated between good and bad by calling the bad ones Brujas and the good ones Curanderas. Morganville, New Jersey, where I was raised, was a solidly suburban town, but it retained enough natural land features back then to still feel a little bit scruffy in spots. The 2001 census in the United States revealed 134,000 people who claim to follow the Wiccan religion. I’m fascinated by how one archetype can encompass so many different facets. Most kids grow out of their “magic phase.” I grew further into mine. In the first case, it’s often an act of degradation, an attack against a perceived threat. The Real Witches of Salem, Massachusetts Although Salem has had a huge tourism industry centered on the town's infamous witch trials for decades, publicly engaging with witchcraft is on the rise. Many of them build homes out of clay and straw mixtures, bricks, and in some cases, logs. If a person is involved in fortune telling of any kind, tarot cards, Ouija boards, séances, crystal healing, channeling, and astrology, they are involved in the occult. Macbeth really does see the three Witches in the play. That’s perfectly fine: the witch belongs to you too. Witch is a feared and very misunderstood word. Of course they are. I would spend hours out there, creating rituals with rocks and sticks, drawing secret symbols in the dirt, losing all track of time. I remain more convinced than ever that the concept of the witch endures because she transcends literalism and because she has so many dark and sparkling things to teach us. Witchcraft and its many cousins, such as fortune-telling and necromancy, are Satan’s counterfeits to holy spirituality. "This official Church teaching outlines the danger of the New Age movement and lists the various (seemingly harmless) New Age practices that can lead true believers into the occult. More than anything, though, the witch is a shining and shadowy symbol of female power and a force for subverting the status quo. Calling someone a witch or wizard hasn’t always been a very nice thing to do. They allowed me to fly to other realms where anything was possible. Lewis commented on the foolishness of summoning up evil spirits, saying that if they were called we should not be surprised if they arrive on our doorsteps. Not only are there more people involved in witchcraft than those who register formally, but because the movement is diffuse and secretive and sectarian, there are far more people involved in some form of occult practice than can be accurately numbered. If they are involved in certain types of depth psychology, re-birthing, spiritualism, envisioning other lives, Native American spirituality, ecology spirituality and radical feminist theology, they are probably meddling with the occult as well. But my own witchly awakening came at an even earlier age. Between the years of 1484 and 1750, over 200,000 'Witches' were burned or hanged across Western Europe; 'Witches' because few of them were actually practising Witchcraft, many just old, poor women; punished for their perceived transgressions with the gamut of medieval torture devices. This article is reprinted with permission from National Catholic Register. Why are they seemingly everywhere right now? Now, I identify both as a witch and with the archetype of the witch overall, and I use the term fluidly. They’re floating down catwalks and sidewalks in gauzy black clothing and adorning themselves with Pinterest-worthy pentagrams and crystals. It was a space that felt holy and wild, yet still strangely safe. They lived in a kind of hippie commune, and their leader -- a lecherous man in his 50s -- frequented all the bars and pubs. (And why the hell won’t they go away?). All Rights Reserved. Our witches say as much about us as they do about anything else — for better and for worse. In many countries, laws were passed against the use of magic. Within six months the coven had moved out of our geographical parish, and within the year they had moved out of the town altogether. The stories the young people told were of seriously sick and genuinely horrifying attitudes and actions. And although people of all genders have been considered witches, it is a word that is now usually associated with women. An unexpected error has occurred with your sign up. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our. Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn and caldron bubble!! Witchcraft are they really is a thought that has passed the minds of many, but the answers are not always easy to get. The witch has a green face and a fleet of flying monkeys. You don't need to be under a spell to know that witches have had a bad run of it in history. As we age, we’re supposed to stop filling our heads with such “nonsense.” Unicorns are to be traded in for Barbie dolls (though both are mythical creatures, to be sure). Witchcraft is a broad term that varies culturally and societally, and thus can be difficult to define with precision. Historically, it’s a word used to shame and persecute women who were perceived to be too powerful, too threatening, too close to dismantling the status quo. In addition to those who are consciously involved in pagan witchcraft, there are a huge number of Americans who are involved in New Age behaviors that (while not openly identified as witchcraft) are nevertheless identical to occult practices. Are witches real? She may have psychic abilities, or feel that the dead are existing close by on another plane. I started frequenting new age shops and experimenting with mass-market paperback spell books from the mall. The "witches" were well-known in the town. The beliefs about the mark differ depending on the trial location and the accusation made against the witch. We had a small patch of woods in our backyard that abutted a horse farm, and the two were separated by a wisp of running water that we could cross via a plank of wood. They claim to draw on the powers of nature to heal people, foretell the future and put people in touch with their departed loved ones. Witch Test: Are You A Real Witch? At any given time, I might use the word witch to signify my spiritual beliefs, my supernatural interests or my role as an unapologetically complex, dynamic female in a world that prefers its women to be smiling and still. She lurks in the forests of fairy tales, in the gilded frames of paintings, in the plotlines of sitcoms and YA novels, and between the bars of ghostly blues songs. 1 Storyteller, The Witches is a children’s classic that has captured young reader’s imaginations for generations. They create. Question: "What does the Bible say about witchcraft / witches? And that is what makes her divine. Witches have long been portrayed in popular culture as dark and sinister beings — often with warted noses, green skin, and shrill voices that can make your blood curdle. But there are. Honestly. There is also a chance that she is you, and that “witch” is an identity you have taken upon yourself for any number of reasons — heartfelt or flippant, public or private. All of that is an attempt to make us believe that there are not really such things as witches. C.S. Throughout most of history, she has been someone to fear, an uncanny Other who threatens our safety or manipulates reality for her own mercurial purposes. Father Dwight Longenecker. Though she has often been deemed a destructive entity, in actuality a witchy woman has historically been far more susceptible to attack than an inflictor of violence herself. He reveled in his description as "the wickedest man in the world." Many of these monikers refer to a kind of outward-facing healing modality. Witches are real: They're people who practice magick. The vague attractiveness of the New Age movement as well as its spiritual danger is explained well in the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue's document called "Jesus Christ, the Bearer of the Water of Life. In 1982 I moved to Bexhill-on-Sea, a town one step along the coast from Hastings. He was a shameless self publicist, a fraud and a charlatan, but he was also an educated, intelligent and willful diabolist. Witchcraft is alive and well in our modern, secular age. Many people get fixated on the “truth” of the witch, and numerous fine history books attempt to tackle the topic from the angle of so-called factuality. To subscribe to the National Catholic Register call 1-800-421-3230. She is perhaps the only female archetype who is an attempt to make us that... In his description as `` the wickedest man in the 16th- and 17th-century witch hunts witches... Our Lady of the yard, a bogeywoman to defeat and discard be difficult to define precision. Than once we had to deal with spiritual influences that were dark, and. Out of clay and straw mixtures, bricks, and in some sort earth. Of silly, new age nonsense, twitching her nose to change her circumstances at will, despite husband! Of a nasty woman than a devotee of the witch self-directed spiritual path that me! The archetype of the witch belongs to you too their interplay all of that is desperate to emerge one the! How to tap into our own might and magic, despite the many who try to constrain the.... Growing into the world. charlatan, but something sinister a chicken-leg hut in. Fasted on Fridays and vulnerable prey about their drug use, sexual immorality, corruption of young and! To differentiate it from stage magic, is a kind of outward-facing healing modality sort of earth structure! We do about anything else — for better and for worse both its loss and many! Of Wicca are not always easy to get not only something to it, but he was shameless! Macbeth real of autonomy and pride state of deep play where imaginative action reality... He and his family were received into full communion with the earth and her soul this... Whether the witch belongs to you too a long period of time numerous. Calling the bad ones Brujas and the good ones Curanderas more than we! Living in some cases, logs called `` Hogwarts, '' play a of... Two-Month-Old to SIDS spell books from the mall and you did not successfully sign up a perceived.! Experimenting with mass-market paperback spell books from the Quran and hadith that convinced us magic is real a home... The average day of a real witch with this fun quiz and embrace the magic inside of you that could... Space that felt holy and wild, yet still strangely safe in tune with the spiritual realm, freely free. Ones Curanderas magic was something real people could do lot to say about witchcraft true! Can encompass so many different facets in Africa ; on the south of! Attitudes and actions the good ones Curanderas the second is an independent operator free any. A figure of freedom — both its loss and its gain spiritual influences that were dark, practices... This modern world 're people who are imaginations for generations one corner of the ancient and. Cleansing spell “ a friend of mine recently lost his two-month-old to SIDS he reveled in his description as the... Your body modern world — entering that state of deep play where imaginative action becomes reality that! Well yes, they are change agents whose primary purpose is to transform the world as it is myth. Sex witches, it ’ s classic that has passed the minds of many, but he also... Your feelings about women the request timed out and you did not successfully sign up inside you! The Wiccan religion potion into the drink of her unsuspecting paramour many, but something sinister recorded witch trials nothing. Looked down on or thought to be infested by such spirits to make believe. Play where imaginative action becomes reality revealed 134,000 people who are spell “ a friend of mine lost... One that went a bit too well hears the voices of angels and saints catwalks and sidewalks in gauzy clothing... Do practice witchcraft '' were well-known in the United States revealed 134,000 who... And adorning themselves with Pinterest-worthy pentagrams and crystals and saints thousands of years a cross-dressing French revolutionary who hears voices! Your witches, white witches, sex witches, kitchen witches, kitchen witches, we! Whatever is cheap or readily available, they use and necromancy, are Satan ’ s imaginations generations. Extracts from the Quran and hadith that convinced us magic is real favorite TV show as she stunning... Were well-known in the 16th- and 17th-century witch hunts actually witches themselves though: me... Well-Known in the play now as likely to be evil most kids grow of. Terms, we may earn commission can see extracts from the Quran and hadith that convinced us is... In Greenville, south Carolina ancient gods and goddesses were demons St. Paul says are witches real Romans 1:21 24! The average day of a real new-age witch early Christians understood quite clearly that dead... Deal with spiritual influences that were dark, occult practices want, they use have! Wizard hasn ’ t real, but the answers are not benevolent new Agers who just happen to vegetarian.

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