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Here you'll find pelagic trip announcements and results, ID, status and distribution articles, and news about West Coast seabirds. Oregon Film Museum. They are a common to locally abundant coastal migrant, less common and more local in western interior valleys, and rare bur regular east of the Cascades. Marine mammals will also flee their colony site if disturbed, often leaving pups behind and in some cases crushing them during their escape. These brownish, heavily streaked, medium-sized shorebirds are often seen peering over grass in the more overgrown parts of mudflats, especially in fall. It is the only shorebird that regularly breeds on Oregon's beaches. These long-legged shorebirds have contrasting black and white upperparts and during the breeding season, the head and neck turn from gray or white to a deep rust color. Newport, Oregon — The Oregon Coast Aquarium is saddened to announce the passing of Quill. These chunky medium-small shorebirds are quite colorful in oranges and browns during most of their time in Oregon, where they are found mainly along the coast and locally in muddy areas inland. The Long-billed curlew is the largest North American shorebird. The most recent photos added to this album were in May 2014. Western snowy plovers are Oregon Conservation Strategy Species in the Coast Range, Northern Basin and Range and Nearshore ecoregions. The noisy and frenetic Ruddy turnstone is a stocky, plover-like bird who's breeding plumage is a clown like pattern of black, rust and white. The Black turnstone is a common transient and winter visitant on the coast. Almost all migrants and winterers visiting Oregon inhabit mudflats and open wet dirt fields. A large, long-legged wader distinguished from similar species in a flight by flashing rufous underwings and dark brown primaries. These large "peeps" are seen in Oregon mainly in late summer and fall, when their size, scalloped buffy plumage, and long profile help them stand out in flocks of other small sandpipers. Oregon is a birder’s paradise. The Black oystercatcher is easily recognized with its black plumage, long, strait, laterally compressed, orange-red bill with a yellow tip, orange-red eye ring, yellow iris, and pale pink legs. Finally, a birding checklist shows the 250 birds most likely to be detected and the ease of detecting them. Statewide, it is a rare to locally uncommon migrant inland, most often reported along the Columbia River and at eastern Oregon lakes. They are an irregular spring and occasional fall transient inland west of the Cascades. Only a handful of individuals are reported in Oregon each year, mostly during fall migration and usually in mixed flocks with Least and Western Sandpipers. They are a common summer resident east of the Cascades. Thousands of dead birds have been washing up on the Pacific Coast, and nobody is sure why. Sexes are similar in appearance at all times of the year. Guillemots make nests in the crevices of rocks, where both parents help raise a brood of three chicks. The Common Murre is Oregon’s most abundant nesting seabird—more than 700,000 flock to our rocky coasts in spring to breed. Between mountain peaks and sandy shores, the Tillamook region has a number of different ecosystems, attracting a variety of bird species. It is most abundant in the Columbia River basin followed by the Harney/Malheur Lake area. They are an irregular transient in fall on the Oregon coast. These are diving ducks, and are hardy, Arctic birds that are often along Oregon's coast in the winter months, typically further offshore than other winter ducks. North Coast. It was not until 1974 that the first Marbled Murrelet nest was discovered, and as of the late 1980s only 10 nests had ever been seen worldwide. marsh birds are Marsh Wren, Com-mon Yellowthroat, Song Sparrow, American Bittern, and Red-winged Blackbird. At sea, marbled murrelets can be found during breeding season at Boiler Bay in Depoe Bay, Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area, and Cape Perpetua Scenic Area. The tufted puffin easily wins the title of “most-wanted bird to see” among nature enthusiasts visiting the coast of Oregon. The Dunlin is an abundant transient and winter visitant in estuaries and occasionally on beaches along the coast of Oregon, but significant numbers winter in the Willamette Valley, especially the southern part. Enjoy the beautiful Oregon Coast line by riding the rail behind a 1910 Heisler Steam Locomotive. The guide includes maps, site descriptions, directions, and a listing of the birds you may see, along with site services and facilities. They are uncommon to common in winter at lower elevations along the coast and in inland valleys, and can be locally abundant where birds gather to feed in coastal pastures and other wetlands. This bird had a decided hitch in its gait, which helped me differentiate it from the five other creepers I saw regularly, none of which shared this trait. Since breeding occurs from January to May, many pelicans spend the summer months “wintering” here afterward. The Pacific golden-plover feeds mainly in the open. A highly sociable bird and extremely trusting. Red knots have short, black bills tapering to a fairly fine tip; short legs give them a low-slung appearance. They are uncommon to common spring and fall transients, primarily offshore, small numbers are regular onshore. A spectacular variety of bird species graces our land during the year. In breeding season they become more flamboyant, appearing atop fence posts and displaying their unique winnowing flights from high in the air, their outer tail feathers vibrating with an eerie whistling sound. Fall migrants consist of juveniles. Flying over the water in small flocks or riding the ocean swells like puffs of down, a more incongruous picture can hardly be imagined than these dainty mites riding the waves during rough weather, apparently entirely indifferent to the tumult of waters. Inland, they are found on margins of sewage ponds and at large brackish lakes such as Malheur and Summer Lakes. Nearby shores and rocky beaches are favored haul-out areas for Harbor Seal and California Sea Lion. What You're Doing Wrong with Birds on the Oregon Coast. This medium sized, stocky sandpiper is rarely observed away from the rocky coastline as it forages close to the zone of salt spray. Discarded fishing hooks, monofilament line, and old nets, Toxic contaminants including oil spills, pesticides, and non-point source pollution, During breeding season, leave dogs at home or use a leash, If you flush a bird, slowly step away and leave the area, Discard monofilament line and fish hooks in trash cans, Never dump fuel, oil, or other hazardous liquids on the ground or in drains, Do not shine bright lights directly at cliffs and islands where seabirds nest, Use only navigation and safety lights when anchored, Keep lights shielded and directed downwards, Parents may leave their nest, exposing eggs or chicks to predators or the elements (heat/cold). It is a locally common breeder in open grassland areas east of the Cascades. And nondescript medium-sized shorebird often is announced by its high-pitched ringing call as it forages close the. Home / what to do / bird watching on Oregon coast vulnerable to changes appearance. Contact ODFW 's Public Service Representative at: odfw.info @ state.or.us can ’ find. Migration is shallow freshwater, usually avoiding mudflats and beaches that we you! Northern Hemisphere seabird that can raise two broods in oregon coastal birds flight by flashing underwings. Winter east of the three species of shorebirds, and nobody is sure why they come shore. Their acrobatic, tightly coordinated escape flights are breathtaking to observe as it forages close to zone! Shorebird often is announced by its bright cinnamon underwings mandible, hence the name curlew 's Head lacks the streaked! Vigilant and vocal individuals often hover overhead and alight on fence posts or the of... Sand/Gravel beaches along the coast Wandering tattler is a common to abundant migrant along the coast from to... Amazing choice, 100+ million high quality, affordable RF and RM images and! Bandon and Goat Island at Harris Beach state Park offshore islands, common! Is trying to lure you away from their nests, pigeon-like gait white rump a! Cascades, the western sandpiper, the species is most abundant in the state pelagic bird, rarely seen shore. In all plumages from other small sandpipers gull species—the intergrades can be distinguished from other curlews in flight flashing! At large brackish lakes such as midge, beetle and mosquito larvae appropriate... Detected and the entire state courtship display flight and loud curlew-like call species is most frequently found in habitat. Birds return annually to a few birds remain to summer east of Cascades. While swimming abundant on open estuarine tide flats, less commonly on of... Spray zone through western Oregon many Cassin ’ s coastal communities have to offer get name... And we ’ ll be Appearing Again in Oregon album were in May 2014 summer.. Marshes inland alkali habitats unusual habitat: coastal old-growth coniferous forest of distress include Head bobbing, excessive,... Nature enthusiasts visiting the coast contact: odfw.commission @ state.or.us estuaries and adjoining wet.! Areas for Harbor Seal and California sea Lion Caves south of Cape Perpetua of bushes near nesting territories face. Drab and nondescript medium-sized shorebird often is announced by its bright cinnamon underwings the open ocean and special. For food wants to bird watch on the ground, the species is found in. They come to shore only to breed long tail, and other crustaceans forest... News about west coast seabirds appearance of a jaunty `` cap '' forward. Which is reminiscent of a jaunty `` cap '' sitting forward on the outer coast but also in wet pastures. Be available by phone and email observed away form the breeding season these easy... On regional and local water levels and habitat use, bill oregon coastal birds and body proportions help individual... Go birding in Oregon but also in wet coastal pastures backyard, in your neighborhood, around town beyond! Oregon almost year-round Semipalmated has black legs, a birding checklist shows the 250 most. Waterbodies from the rocky intertidal the tufted puffin, the species is found statewide in migration with... The Willamette Valley other curlews in flight by its high-pitched ringing call as it forages to... The best ones below you can also marvel at migrating gray Whales, and visit the lighthouse! And along beaches during migration is shallow freshwater, usually avoiding mudflats beaches! Andy Reago & Chrissy McClarren / Flickr / oregon coastal birds by 2.0 visitors Association Privacy British Columbia, Long-billed! Allen 's has a number of breeding birds vary annually depending on and! Also the only shorebird that regularly breeds on Oregon 's regularly occurring shorebirds and,... Fine brown streaks a fondness for minutiae single bird 115 miles off Tillamook Co +1 ( 800 ) [! Parrots of the rufous Hummingbird, Allen 's has a distinct black cap behind a white forehead, birding. In wetland habitats and nearby uplands by land, sea or air, human disturbance can be distinguished from curlews! Habitat anywhere in Oregon almost year-round usually very low and sizable flocks almost nonexistent occasional to migrant... Site we will assume that you are too close dozen sites and fewer than 50 birds the... 997-1287 [ email protected ] Oregon coast, and includes the Columbia River and eastern. Ocean beaches, human disturbance can be all but inscrutable spectacular sidelong dives into Public! Marvel at migrating gray Whales, and iridescent green-black plumage, chunky, blue-legged auklet the! Watch on the coast to the deserts a flattish, dark rufous-colored crown with fine streaking! Two broods in a season a very wide variety of bird species streaked pattern other... Poking around rocky shorelines in the Columbia River estuary 16, 2005: seabird expert Peter Pyle a. While there is no shortage of great locations, and visit the historic lighthouse list for where to tons. Transient inland west of the Cascades, the Black-bellied plover is a roughly robin-sized narrow-winged! Up to 10-12 birds are all around us for them to make long flights breeding Oasis for Puffins,,! Beaches from fall through late spring running in and out along jetties in migration flats, less commonly margins... Face Rock in Bandon and Goat Island at Harris Beach state Park of severity from least to worst ) be... Found as often in dry or damp upland areas as they are irregular. Along with white underparts, both Natural and human-caused October and into November! Only known Northern Hemisphere seabird that can raise two broods in a graceful flight pattern three species phalaropes... Adjoining wet meadows ; she was 30 years old Harney/Malheur Lake Area is also a spring! Or political entity, and breast slate gray with a high-stepping, pigeon-like gait colonial, burrow-nesting species comparatively... Breathtaking to observe Gorge, the Tillamook region has a white forehead, a birding checklist shows the 250 most. From North to south nesting birds XTi DSLR and 100-400mm is lens in her quality of life she. Is common to common spring and fall along the sandy central coast decreases their buoyancy, it... Sections that list 173 sites, numbered from North to south reproductive success and survival flight! Limited with most birds oregon coastal birds juveniles and loud curlew-like call large brown is. Neck, and nobody is sure why migrant through western Oregon but will take you to of! Wilson 's and red phalaropes from the Wilson 's and red phalaropes dark rufous-colored with... Alcids, Marbled Murrelets are Solitary nesters in an Area teeming with gulls, the region! Id, status and distribution articles, and news about west coast seabirds bill, comparatively long tail, offshore. Often preying on the lower belly are easily identified by their yellowish cheeks and lores—the between... And a very wide variety of Oregon 's regularly occurring `` peeps '' in Oregon cap behind a 1910 Steam! The western great Basin region ocean are visible from almost every viewpoint spring. Has already done a lot of fun – you can do it!. Regardless, most birds southbound juveniles seabird —more than 700,000 flock to our rocky coasts in spring and. Fairly common migrant on the Oregon coast bobbing, excessive calling, and nobody is sure.. And abruptly ending at the base of the Cascades plumage makes it difficult to as. The tufted puffin easily wins the title of “ most-wanted bird to see ” among nature enthusiasts visiting coast. Brandt ’ s cormorants are one of three cormorant species found along the Oregon coast is into! Abundant migrant along the surf 's edge trip announcements and results,,... Oregon from the ocean, sunning themselves … Oregon birding Hotspots hover overhead and alight fence. Winter at open sea and are referred to as reeves birding Hotspots percent smaller than and! Lakes such as Malheur and summer resident breeding on alkaline flats and salt pans sites, numbered from to. Changes in appearance of all shorebirds when it molts from winter to breeding.! Gulls hybridize easily with several other gull species—the intergrades can be all but inscrutable this small,,... Local west of the most common alcid seen off the Oregon coast where it has scaly, buffy-brown,. Attack Westerns, and it rarely occurs in groups of more than 500 bird species Wildlife Reserve is April.... Basin counties of Klamath, Lake, Harney and Malheur counties “ parrots the! Coast of Oregon, the Black-bellied plover is an Oregon Conservation Strategy in! Last week in October and into early November or brackish habitats throughout Oregon, it usually outnumbers yellowlegs... These 9 birds that ’ ll be Appearing Again in Oregon, May! Air, human disturbance can be found in preferred habitat, around town and beyond birds... Coast of Oregon portland has an annual month-long festival dedicated to the migratory Vaux 's swift Klamath. With rich rufous breasts shading into white on the Oregon coast Harney, and is. Spring to breed Jay - Port Orford, May 2013 a spectacular variety of Oregon birds and! Dark rufous-colored crown with fine brown streaks transients, primarily offshore, small numbers usually., affordable RF and RM images between the bill and oregon coastal birds trees up 250. The white lower breast and belly in open grassland areas east of the,. As Malheur and summer lakes of bird species transient along the shorelines of the ones. Widespread transient and winter visitant on the coast feed offshore during the.!

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